Grade K-2

K-2 Science and Reading

Acquiring reading skills takes time. Yet this critical process should not crowd out opportunities for youngsters to examine & enjoy the world. Phonics, sight words, and fluency can be learned alongside explore-your-world concepts. Consider these research-based science materials for your early readers who also are budding scientists:

My Life As A Plant – Coloring and Activity Book (free!)
Kids can join Sally Sunflower and her pals to explore the plant world and learn 12 Principles of Plant Biology. Designed for young readers (PreK-2) by experts in biology, science education, and reading, this interactive story is a fun first foray into plant biology and scientific explorations. Download this 36-page blackline book now for free at (Print extra copies – big kids love it, too!)

Science & Technology Concepts Coming Soon!  The Smithsonian Institute with the National Science Research Council offers curriculum units for elementary students to learn science and reading.  These research-based materials correlate with the new K-12 Framework and upcoming Next Generation Science Standards.  Click here to see the variety of units that will be available soon or to sign up to pilot the newest options in your classroom.

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