Grades 6-8

Economics for Everyone – foundational concepts for avoiding future ‘fiscal cliffs’ & related fiascos

economics globe with resources clip art
Economics makes your world go round.

Allowances, gift cards, online shopping…even extreme couponing crazies from reality TV each have something to teach youngsters about managing their own money.  Yet more is needed.  Youngsters also must develop a solid understanding of the systems and decisions that can make a healthy economy for their community and country.

Of course all that ‘grown up talk’ about economics can confuse or bore, well…even the grown ups. So here are some engaging cross-curricular options for teaching economics. Employ them now to kickstart a fiscally responsible future. No scary cliff diving required.

Schoolhouse Rock on Economics – These classics are chock full of timeless concepts.
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Barter & Trade     Tax Man Max     Tyrannosaurus Debt
Where Does the Money Go?     Walking on Wall Street

Sing-a-Longs: Kids Econ – new lyrics + familiar tunes = easy listening & learning
Purdue University and the Indiana Council for Economic Education offer a dozen+ songs for learning    things like opportunity cost, goods/services, scarcity, resources, trade, markets and much more!

 Posted on (some require a small fee)
Talking Turkey: Want & Need – a feast of ideas good anytime of year by Katie Engen
Economics for Everyone Set A – 4 lessons for middle grades & up by Katie Engen
Economics for Everyone Set B – 4 more lessons for middle grades & up by Katie Engen
Economics Vocabulary Relay Game & Fan-and-Pick Economics Game by Mary Griffith
Buying & Selling at the Flea Market by Lucky Girl (scale it up!)

Financial literacy is a close cousin to understanding economics.
Check out this evidenced-based option + bibliography for teaching finance at various levels.

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