Grades 6-8, High School

Experimental Fashion

meteorite dress M MiranoWanna add some bling to your science class and make it runway worthy? Try using Elle magazine as your textbook and consider designer Mathieu Mirano as a mentor.

Son of an astrophysicist, Mathieu’s design experiments borrow from geology, archaeology, entomology, biology, and meteorology.  You can see how well his science & fashion mash-ups seamlessly integrate with his ‘regular’ pieces at  For a focused view of his science-meets-aesthetic samples check ‘Weird Science’ (p. 200) of the April 2013 edition of Elle.

Samples of the fact-laced fashion elements Mathieu designs include:

– a tulle skirt embellished with 5,000 hand sewn, pea-sized meteorites
– an orange jacket that could pass as an exoskeleton
– zipper pulls shaped like dinosaur vertebrae
– a green chiffon evening dress bodice covered with real (and real shiny!) Thai beetle wings
– a coat that has a lining printed with fossil designs
– a midnight blue evening gown with gilt Archaeopteryx wrapped around the hips and torso
– jackets that are cut to suggest the opposite-of-nerdy lab coats
– modernized stalagmites scattered on a fashion show stage
– a resin dot covered dress wrapped in wire and raised into a lightning storm…just to see what happens

When I asked about the result of the zap-the-dress experiment, Mathieu replied,

That piece is a particular development that the team is working on over time.
As you can imagine, it takes great research and experimentation.

Can you imagine, teachers? Great research & experimentation in the context of fashion.  How fabulous.

Let the fashionistas in your classroom come out & play!  Set students to design, create (3-D model or actual garment), and model/display an item of clothing that reflects a scientific concept studied in class. Host a fashion show & invite the paparazzi.

Extra Credit: Ms. Frizzle as Mathieu’s mentor or early inspiration.  Discuss.

mathieumiranoss13-look-3  not a lab coatcredit:  miranomiss-frizzle

UPDATE (12/22/14):  This year’s Nobel Prize Winner for Physiology or Medicine. May Britt Moser, made a fashion statement by wearing a gown designed to feature ‘grid neurons.’ Read all about it here and here

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