Grades 6-8

A Science & Literacy Spooktacular

I’m hijacking this blog. I created it to share ideas & inspiration but today I’m going to hawk a learning resource I’ve written for Halloween. But it’s legit since this trick-filled activity pack is a real cross-curricular treat. It covers a witchy poem, ghoulish vocabulary, ghost-in-the-machine tech savvy, and zombie-killing science literacy. Basically, is a justifiable way for students 5th grade & up to have some Halloween fun in class. It even meets some Common Core standards.

Students start by taking a stab at the vocabulary in my original Halloween poem in order to solve the mystery of an old hag’s demise. Here’s the first of seven stanzas:

Poetic Justice for a Nasty Old Witch
She’s dead! Oh my goodness! How shocking, she’s dead!
Her brains are all scrambled around in her head!
It’s true she was nasty, she scared the whole town.
But now it’s all over. She’s splayed on the ground.
It will be hard to find mourners. It’s sad, but it’s true;
But that’s how it is when you’re a mean, nasty shrew.

Once they’ve stomped their way through reading comprehension, vocabulary practice, and a bit of poetry appreciation, students can attack some key-word summarizing, online research skills, and research resource evaluation. The final activity, Spooky Science with Vampire Vines, boosts students’ scientific literacy so they don’t turn into content-area zombies.

So if you know some educators who like tricking out their pre-Halloween language, science or tech-ed lesson plans, then treat them to a copy of Worthwhile Wordplay with Tricks and Treats  found at my Teachers Pay Teachers online store:  activity pack & store

Oh, and if they want something with another gore-infused cross-curricular connection, forward them the link to my October 21, 2014 post on wound care, art & technology.


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