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Literature & Sports – A March Madness Mash-up You Don’t Want Your Students to Miss

Tournament Time is coming. Get ready now!

Sports and books can go hand-in-hand. I’m sharing blogger Tony Keefer’s (@TonyKeefer) explanation of why in his February 14th post for The Nerdy Book Club:

the MARCH BOOK MADNESS  book tournament

According to the March Book Madness site, this is…
“…a bracket-style tournament that lets participants decide which books would beat each other in a head-to-head matchup.  This tournament is primarily designed for students and classrooms, but anyone can play along.”

32 Books in Each Bracket
Picture Book Bracket  * MG Novel Bracket  * YA Bracket

See also:  #2015MBM

Here are 3 of the Top 10 Reasons to join the Madness (also from Tony Keefer’s Nerdy post):

1) March Book Madness creates a tremendous amount of buzz in classrooms about books.  I know that many Nerdy Book Club classrooms generate a palpable amount of book buzz already.  But a tournament setting creates a different kind of buzz.  Kids get very, very excited about seeing which book moves on to the second round.

2) March Book Madness introduces new books to your readers. Over the last few years many of the books that “win” and move to the next round become interesting to readers who haven’t spent time with them yet.  Last year all 50 of my students spent time with Mr. Tiger Goes Wild because it started gaining momentum as it started winning “games.”

3) March Book Madness is for all school-age readers. We have a picture book bracket, a middle grade novel bracket and a young adult novel bracket.  You, or your students, could choose which bracket you want to join or maybe even join more than one.

 If you want a simple, paper-based Book Bracketology example, check out this freebie from my Teachers Pay Teachers site: March Madness Reading Brackets

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