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A Picture Book for My President

Which picture book would you recommend to the
President of the United States? Why?

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Picture books can open minds, heal wounds, and tickle fancies.

Picture books introduce us to other times, dimensions, places, realities, and selves.

Picture books could help the President of the United States serve our country.

Which picture book do you want the president to read? Choose the ONE picture book you think or your group members agree should be required reading in the Oval Office. This book should be able to help our Commander-in-Chief prioritize the duties and powers of the Executive Office after a new election and for the entire term of office.

Register & Vote at the PB4MP Page  

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 Teaching Ideas for PB4MP

This is a general outline to manage your PB4MP campaign. Check my TeachersPayTeachers store, Crossing the Curriculum with Katie, for classroom-ready materials (some free, some for sale).

  1. Start slowly because Think Time matters. Before you even say the word, ‘president,’ you/your group must ponder:
    • Which picture book is most meaningful to you?
    • Which one do you hope everyone reads and takes to heart?
    • Which one is important for responsible, caring community members/citizens to read?
  2. List ~12 books. Which ones answer all three questions well?
  3. Now pose the presidential question. But before taking titles from the group, do a Think Aloud to demonstrate the how/why of choosing a [sample] title. What reasons are valid to helping inform the President about priorities that will serve the People. This could be very different than picking a title for personal reasons.
  4. Prior to making final selections (and/or for independent work), offer 5-10 classic or currently popular titles. Students must state or write why each title may (or may not) deserve a spot on the Oval Office bookshelf.
  5. Reach class consensus on the top ~6 books the president must read. In small groups, create a campaign poster (or other media piece) for each book to inform the whole grade/school/community of the choice titles. Invite votes to pick one title to represent your group and prior to November 8, 2016, announce the winner.
  6. Register with PB4MP and vote for your title by November 8, 2016.
  7. Ask the PTA (or similar) to buy a copy of your selected book and circulate it for student signatures (or create a separate autograph binder). Send the book, cover letter and some version of the campaign information to the White House in January 2017.
  8. Spread the word; invite others to PM4MP: Share the link to this page. Tweet with @KTOEngen and #PB4MP.

Note: This process works for elections to Congress or governorships, too. Versions of this campaign already are under development by Katie Engen for US congressional and state governor elections. Also in development are campaigns for prime ministers, premiers and monarchs. In the meantime (and hopefully after you’ve participated in this national campaign), please feel free to borrow elements of this campaign for classroom or local club presidents in your local network. If you do, please include a credit (e.g. ‘Based on A Picture Book 4 My President (c) by Katie Engen’).

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