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Kids & Campaigns

PB4MP seal starsPolitics can get ugly, especially at election time. Tomorrow’s leaders must do better. How? By thinking of Big Ideas like leadership, the Constitution and Executive Office powers now – when they’re kids. Too much? Not really. Kids campaign & deal with leaders all the time. So they can apply what they know to think bigger. (No current candidate campaign analysis needed nor mudslinging allowed.)

First, let’s recap what kids know:

  • Campaigns work best when using smart priorities. Ask for a treat after eating a nutritious dinner; don’t demand candy 24/7 just cuz it’s yummy.
  • Working together helps the greater good. Clean up together, get to the park faster & return to a relaxed space.
  • Good leaders serve. The best parents & teachers set firm goals then work like crazy to make sure kids reach them.

How can kids use this knowledge to contribute to the success of the president? By participating in…

A Picture Book 4 My President Campaign!

Nominate a picture book that could help run the country.

Full campaign, registration and voting instructions are here.

Ready-to-go activities to enhance the campaign experience are here:

  • A Picture Book for My President – A Campaign for Critical Thinking (FREE!) – Teaching activities to help students choose the ONE picture book that should be in the Oval Office to help our Commander-in-Chief prioritize the Executive’s duties and powers both after an election and for the entire term of office.
  • A Picture Book 4 My President: Critical Thinking & Classic Titles – Using 10 classic picture books, students can practice providing one reason FOR and one reason AGAINST each title getting a spot on the Oval Office bookshelf. They also can evaluate (grade) each reason for how well it explains if the book should or should not make it to the Oval Office.
  • A Card Game 4 Picture Books – Akin to Go Fish, players collect Title, Setting, Plot and Character cards to create books for classic picture books like Strega Nona and The Snowy Day.


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