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MathScienceMusic – a party for the brain

I fell down a rabbit hole of intelligent click bait [pursuing grant info…that’s intelligent, right?] and found a most amazing ensemble of cross-curricular compositions here:

Image result for math science music

Image result for mused lab

This mélange of sophisticated resources for elementary to college settings includes online talks (biological basis of music), digital music generation labs (coding new melodies), and interactive explorations (deconstructing song tracks). And so much more.

Ten separate units help users enjoy and explore combinations like:

  • shapes, angles, groove
  • mind, music, cognition
  • physics, sound, music
  • music, composing, math

In their own words… is a free toolkit for teachers, bringing together the best resources in math, science and music. Designed for students, kindergarten through college.

I am not affiliated in any way with this group. But, boy, would I love to be! I think you will, too. The images shared here are from’s site. Bonus detail:  When you visit their site (and you will) click any letter on the homepage graphic (the one shown above) and each one plays its own snazzy snippet of deliciously jazzy music.


Does Music Give You Math Skills? It’s a Tricky Equation

Smart DJs use maths to mix the perfect beat

Mathematics & Music (American Mathematical Society)


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