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A More Haunting Halloween

My prior post, Happy Halloween (in 100 words or less), is my first entry for The 8th Annual Halloweensie contest hosted by Susanna Leonard Hill. That entry was both cheery and cheeky.

This 2nd story shifts to the more sophisticated reader, yet still follows the same rules:  picture book, readers 12 & under, 100 words or less, & must use some form of shiver, cauldron, and howl. And while it’s Halloween-centric, I think it also may be useful or timely reading for some any time of year.


Billy and Pop climb a gravel road through dark woods. Pop breathes hard.

A witch cackles, “Welcome to Sanctuary’s Howl-o-ween Fest!”

Pop squeezes Billy’s hand. “Stay close. Powerful creatures here.”

Behind a fence, a goblin bangs a cauldron of something red and wet. Tangy smells rise.

A howl cracks the night. Smaller yips echo.

Billy shivers closer to Pop.

One sleek phantom slinks from the fenced-in forest. Smaller shadows slide next to it.

A wolfpack!

The alpha watches all, though his breath skips and rattles.

The goblin grumbles, “The youngsters wax as their old mentor wanes.”

Billy squeezes Pop’s hand.wolf-963081_1920 moon



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