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started at Bucknell University  in hopes of becoming ‘the next Jane Goodall…but with elephants.’  Yet I couldn’t forego my life-long desire to teach students with special needs. BU did not offer that major so it was time to go.  The University of Virginia invited me to finish my B.S. in Special Education and stay for my M.Ed. in the Educateur Program. I learned on many levels through varied teaching internships, riding horses, finishing a few triathlons, working in hippotherapy (PT with horses), and then working in my own classroom. While teaching in Los Angeles I completed my Professional Clear Certificate (K-12) at Loyola University.

Back on the East Coast I spent a few years re-discovering the world through the eyes of our children.  The special needs of my private tutoring clients opened new perspectives, too. I also learned the tricks of the trade as an independent freelancer. I never sought a Ph.D. but worked for 10 years with plant biology researchers on K-16 education & outreach. Their steadfast addiction to data rubbed off on me. More recently, I continue adding STEAM certifications and actively pursuing professional development in teaching and technology via a variety of formats and courses.

I like writing non-fiction packed with cool facts couched in an upbeat, literary flow. I aim to both entertain and enlighten with my fiction and my educational resources.  I create picture books that mash up themes and content for tots, teens & adults to enjoy together yet on different levels.

My articles have appeared in popular magazines and my books are part of curriculum materials produced by educational publishers. I write educational resources and newsletter articles for a large international science society.  I sell some K-12 teaching materials at my store on Teachers-Pay-Teachers.com . I keep minutes & outtakes for The Bootleg Bookclub and occasionally incubate some nascent projects at my other blog, Enjoy the Read .

Here’s a sample of what I’ve published with trade and education publishers:

Boys Life – Go to the archives. Select the date & page to read each article.
Bug Off! (June ’00, p. 60) – A swarm of suggestions for dealing with pesty social situations.
Easy Reader (May ’03, p. 56)- Yes you can enjoy reading assigned books! Here’s how.
Einstein’s Slam Dunk Year (Nov. ’05, p.12) – Read up on 1905 & see if you can be like Einstein.
Speak Up! (Mar. ’05, pg.46) – Rules of the game to hit your next oral report out of the park.
Suburban Safari (Aug ’04, pg.32) – Get out! And play with science and nature.

National Geographic – Kids
The Truth Behind the New Movie Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed – Ruh-roh!

Do You Smell? – In ‘Tagged!’ issue: Neural identity & other tricks stuffed in your scentsational nose.
Have You Been Exposed to Electrosmog?  In ‘Unwired’ issue: The buzz about exposure to electric fields.

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