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Football (soccer) is Life

British Premier League (BPL), a forgotten, back-water town, and a 63-year-old woman's coming of age story. Now THAT's a mash up. But it's World Cup 2018 & since everything revolves around soccer (sorry, that's the cross-curricular powerhouse I'm unpacking for this post. Read the book, Britt-Marie Was Here by Fredrik Backman. Written for the… Continue reading Football (soccer) is Life

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Would You Read It Wednesday #288 – The Tooth Fairy Conference (PB)

Update:  I did an experiment & now I’m adding my 2-cents to the results.

Recently, I sent out a preliminary pitch for a picture book I’m writing with some seriously-mashed up cross-curricular integration going on. My book combines tooth fairy lore, dental hygiene, and basic economics all in a conference setting where brains & brawn matter. I got the feedback from the friendly review group (see below) I expected:  too long, too many ideas, too hard for younger kids, too tooth fairy-ish. Everyone was kind, constructive, and right. Except… I think we can ask more of young readers. I think picture books can skew older. I think introducing Plaque Man (the tooth fairies’ nemesis) opens up the old lore to new fun. I think if I write a better pitch, I may get more positive responses. See what you think…

One of my favorite projects is open for feedback via Susanna Hill’s great “Would You Read It” series. Check it out and leave a rating. Then check out Susanna’s work, too.

Susanna Leonard Hill

You know it’s June when suddenly there are fiercely protective does everywhere and, if you’re lucky, you get to see tiny new fawns wobbling along behind them.

A doe with a new fawn has taken up residence on the wooded outskirts of my yard.  I have yet to see the baby, but I know it’s there because the doe is terrorizing my dogs!  (Not that they don’t deserve it – they’re entirely too interested in the proceedings, and even though I know they’d never hurt the fawn – if only because they’d have no idea what to do with it! – they make the doe nervous with their investigations.  And as someone who is a mother, I understand 🙂 )

Since I haven’t seen the fawn yet, I’ll entertain your with baby horse antics instead 🙂

You will recall that we had a barn baby back in April… whose mother…

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Hockey Scholar – squad goals

I'm not a hardcore or, let's be honest, casual hockey fan. Sure, I watched the Olympic hockey excitement (nice job, ladies!!!). And I keep tabs on my local bridesmaid-never-the-bride Washington Capitals - until they once again bomb out of a series they should've, could've, would've won. Sigh. (They're not the only DC team with this… Continue reading Hockey Scholar – squad goals

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Writing Well & Accurately about Science is No Joking Matter (but it can be funny)

I wrote a book review for Goodreads about Soonish, Ten Emerging Technologies That'll Improve and/or Ruin Everything by Kelly and Zach Weinersmith. The review is posted here with an 'extra content' note plus my suggested cross-curricular classroom applications at the end. Unimportant first impression: For its size, the book weighs a ton and the pages… Continue reading Writing Well & Accurately about Science is No Joking Matter (but it can be funny)

Grades 6-8, High School

Write Like a Singer, Gardener, Engineer, or…

Cross-curricular integration as a writing tool? You betcha. Sure, writing requires its own talents. Yet, opera singers, endurance athletes, rock stars, gardeners, and other folks have skills and processes that can yield good writing, too. Check out the examples below to integrate new perspectives into your writing craft. Working with students?  Try the activity prompts… Continue reading Write Like a Singer, Gardener, Engineer, or…

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Get a [Insert Actual Descriptor] Thesaurus!

I am riotously sick of the f-bomb. It's the calling card of empty-headedness. It's the hipster/rebel/big mouth equivalent to tweens using a zillion exclamation marks to convey ALL the feelings. It's the lazy person's version of that fill-in-the-blank game played on every family car trip in the 70's (and online today). F-bombs do not impress.… Continue reading Get a [Insert Actual Descriptor] Thesaurus!