Grades 6-8, High School

Write Like a Singer, Gardener, Engineer, or…

Cross-curricular integration as a writing tool? You betcha. Sure, writing requires its own talents. Yet, opera singers, endurance athletes, rock stars, gardeners, and other folks have skills and processes that can yield good writing, too. Check out the examples below to integrate new perspectives into your writing craft. Working with students?  Try the activity prompts… Continue reading Write Like a Singer, Gardener, Engineer, or…

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Get a [Insert Actual Descriptor] Thesaurus!

I am riotously sick of the f-bomb. It's the calling card of empty-headedness. It's the hipster/rebel/big mouth equivalent to tweens using a zillion exclamation marks to convey ALL the feelings. It's the lazy person's version of that fill-in-the-blank game played on every family car trip in the 70's (and online today). F-bombs do not impress.… Continue reading Get a [Insert Actual Descriptor] Thesaurus!

Grades 6-8, High School

When Heart Meets Craft

THIS! This is why the pursuit of cross-curricular integration is so critical and so fulfilling. Thanks to the impeccable craft of Aymara weavers and the clever precision of engineers specializing in cardiology needs, it is now possible "to heal hearts without surgery." Great Big Story offers this 3-minute video overview . Read their blurb here… Continue reading When Heart Meets Craft

High School

Revving Up the Renaissance… auto mechanics and art

Michelangelo's Creation of Adam with a monkey wrench? Da Vinci's The Last Supper celebrated in a garage?  Huzzah! to these 11 esthetics-mashing, history-bending images of Renaissance paintings re-depicted by modern auto mechanics. These 11 masterpieces of cross-curricular integration are by photographer  Freddy Fabris.  I found them at this post from the Sad and Useless blog… Continue reading Revving Up the Renaissance… auto mechanics and art

High School

The ‘Better Man’ Show Down – Pearl Jam vs. Little Big Town

Music is the universal language. So when identical phrases are used in significantly different songs do the messages still ring true? Can the theme keep rhythm? Are voice and tone enharmonic? Or are the identical phrases discordant across titles? Of course, it depends on the phrase. And context matters. A lot. Justin Bieber's admonition in… Continue reading The ‘Better Man’ Show Down – Pearl Jam vs. Little Big Town

Grades 6-8, High School

Spell-tymology: 20 Years of Magical Wordplay with Harry Potter

For 20 years (yes, 20!) muggles and those awaiting their Hogwarts acceptance letters have enjoyed the clever etymology of Harry Potter spell names and incantations. As a wizard of cross-curricular integration, JK Rowling created  -borrowed, mashed up, tweaked - terms from muggle world languages to create an adroit yet accessible magical lexicon. (Well, 'accessible' if… Continue reading Spell-tymology: 20 Years of Magical Wordplay with Harry Potter

Grades 6-8, High School

The Science of Storytelling

This cross-curricular dream come true sprang from the brilliance of James Harris -with some super-clever use of TV It's a delightful, deeply clickable combo of Science-y Thinking + Story Parts + Tropes + Impact Factor See the image snippet from Harris' website (below).  Check it out in all its glory here. Just come back… Continue reading The Science of Storytelling