Refined Word Tinkering Services-for-Hire

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I’ll preview and do a free basic revision of the first 75 words.



Substantive Revising

Goal:  Improve flow, structure, and logic while maintaining author’s voice, tone, and intent.

  • Full document review.
  • Track Changes or Clean Copy versions available upon request.
  • May include deleting, adjusting, expanding, or re-ordering text.
  • May include bullet points or notes for original author to add to or adapt text.
  • May include recommendations for copywriting as another project.
  • Includes basic proofreading.

Communicating Specialized Content – Revisions to Engage General Audiences

Goal:  Transform complicated content into clear and engaging text that engages the average reader without over-simplifying or fostering misconceptions.

  • Includes the elements of ‘Substantive Revising’ (see above).
  • Identify and ‘translate’ specialized jargon or phrasing for general audiences.
  • ‘Repackage’ content from journal articles or other professional publications for use in reports, one-pagers, executive summaries, social media posts, headlines, blurbs, or other prose useful for general public engagement and understanding.
  • Related:   Hands-on or interactive learning activities available for an additional fee.


Goal:  Eliminate basic errors that may impede understanding of the author’s final draft.

  • Correct basic grammar, punctuation, and word usage errors including verb tense, abbreviations, spelling, and capitalization.
  • Indicate simple confusions, redundancies, or content gaps.
  • Recommend new writing (from author or as a new project)

Essential Reviewing

Goal:  Address the strengths, issues, quirks, impact, or uses of a published work or draft.

  • Discuss the document’s themes, general readability, and potential impacts.
  • Suggest general revisions or improvements to works-in-progress. Or advise a new Substantive Revising project.
  • Includes proofreading.


Goal:  Provide original copy per mutually agreeable topic, tone, format, medium, audience, schedule, and word count.

  • Write-for-hire; copyright conveys to the client.
  • May include graphic/image recommendations. Does not include graphic design.
  • Varied formats including picture books, learning materials, white papers, blog posts, and newsletters.
  • Research skills and publication experience apply to a wide variety of topics.
  • Particular expertise in:
    • Education
      • teaching resources
      • K-12 protocols and content standards
      • Varied learning styles & strengths
      • Formal & informal settings
      • Cross-curricular integration
      • Critical thinking
    • ‘Kidlit’ – fiction or nonfiction for children
    • Science communication for public engagement
    • Fitness, distance running, & nutrition
    • Health, managing rare conditions, & patient self-advocacy
    • Grants
      • RfPs & structuring in-house grant workflows
      • Completing applications and proposals

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  • Based on word count and readiness of the initial draft. Rush jobs extra.
  • Hourly or per-job rates determined by mutually agreed upon priorities.