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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m participating in a Valentiny 214-word picture book writing contest. Part of the fun is to post my story here & share the link with contest host,  Susanna Leonard Hill. So until my next Triple Dip kidlit unit, please enjoy the 'guilty pleasure' of... OH, GUILTY HEART! Here are the rules (straight from Susanna's contest… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Triple Dip 3: home & structure

Here are 3 more scrumptious kidlit titles. The Common Thing that everyone will recognize is HOME. That's HOME as a physical space and a need-based concept. While exploring the structure of home, students also will analyze story structure. SWEET BOOKS to READ & SHARE…Dig in! Home by Carson Ellis (2015, picture book) Home might be… Continue reading Triple Dip 3: home & structure

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Longer Texts for All Readers

Readers of all sorts can share the same texts. Yet word count and vocabulary choice can inhibit progress through certain titles for some readers. This happens in any genre, but tends to show up starting with chapter books or info-packed nonfiction picture books. Happily, your class can explore the same books, themes, character arcs, settings,… Continue reading Longer Texts for All Readers

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A Visit From St. Critic

As a guest blogger for WriteOnCon 2019, I respectfully revised Clement C. Moore's classic poem, A Visit from St. Nicholas - a.k.a. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' - to fit a writer's narrative. I'm sharing my parody here as a little gift to you.  A Visit from St. Critic ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when… Continue reading A Visit From St. Critic

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Triple Dip 2: school, special needs, & everyday heroes

A TRIPLE DIP offers 3 scrumptious and carefully curated kidlit titles that reflect a Common Thing and/or Big Idea that everyone will recognize. Yes, everyone. There are activities – called 3 Scoops & a Cherry on Top –  with every TRIPLE DIP. TRIPLE DIP titles are a mix of genres and stages of literary sophistication.… Continue reading Triple Dip 2: school, special needs, & everyday heroes

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Holiday Heroes 2018

Susanna Hill has decked the halls, lit the menorah, filled the kikombe cha umoja and launched...  The 8th Annual Holiday Contest I am participating, so here's a brief version of the rules: Use the theme, A Holiday Hero. Write a holiday story aimed at kids age 12 & under. [Ahem... We all know picture book… Continue reading Holiday Heroes 2018