A Picture Book 4 My President

Picture books can open minds, heal wounds and tickle fancies. Fiction or non-fiction, picture books invite the exploration of other times, dimensions, places, realities, possibilities & goals. Everyone gains something from picture books. Everyone learns lessons that last a life time. So… 

Which picture book would you recommend to the next
President of the United States? Why?

PB4MP seal stars

Choose the ONE picture book you (or your group members) think should be in the Oval Office to help our Commander-in-Chief prioritize the Executive’s duties and powers both after the election and for the entire term of office.

Register & Vote for Your Favorite Title

  1. Enter one title and author.
  2. Explain your choice.
  3. Please also:
  • Avoid naming current political figures. Do not be overtly political.
  • Use proper writing standards and manners.
  • As a parent/guardian/educator registering on behalf of a child or group, feel free to include school/team/club names. Please do not add children’s personal identifiers like surname, address, photos, and the like.


Registering & Voting in PB4MP means you…
  • Confirm you are an adult (18 & up).
  • Acknowledge you have only one ‘vote’ and agree to register only once for your one vote.
  • Understand you can vote on behalf of the title your class/team/group picks. Using a 2nd (professional) email for this purpose is acceptable.
  • Are aware that contact information will not be sold/rented/dispersed for commercial purposes.
  • Understand that the title and explanation you submit may be included in campaign-related resources created by Katie Engen as well as in ‘State of the PB4MP’ reports shared with the White House and picture book-related media streams.
  • Will strongly consider following this blog, Crossing the Curriculum with Katie.
  • Are welcome to share this campaign. PB4MP I VOTED participant seal

Posting to Social Media

  • Right-click on the image.
  • Save it to your computer.
  • Upload wherever you’d like.
  • Please consider linking the badge back to this main PB4MP blog post so others can learn how to participate, too.

Printing to Wear & Share

  • Print and share individual badges with your students or group members.
  • See my store for a free PDF to start this unit and print I Voted! badges. There are new products for this campaign in the store now, too.








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